About Us

Arkansas Nepali Society is primarily a community of Nepali people living in Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas. However, we hope to bring together all Nepalis, and Nepali-Americans who are scattered around the state. We also welcome any non-Nepalis who might be interested in our culture and way of life. Our goal is to promote a unified community of Nepali people in Arkansas; to cherish our culture, values, and heritage as well as serve the community around us in any way possible.


  1. To unite the Nepali people living in the state of Arkansas, and foster their commitment to the promotion of Nepali culture, values, and heritage.
  2. To provide a common platform for the young Nepali generation to experience firsthand the aforementioned culture, values, and heritage.
  3. To provide a cultural bridge between Nepalis and the non-Nepalis and raise overall awareness about Nepal.